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Populus tremuloides

Indistinguishable from largetooth aspen, trembling aspen wood is a white to creamy or grayish-white with short fibers and relatively low strength. It is straight grained with a fine and even texture and faint growth ring figure. Aspen weathers to a light gray with a silvery sheen. It is comparable to white spruce in strength and has a high resistance to wear for such a low-density wood.

Aspen is easy to work with hand and machine tools. Care is required in machining to produce quality surfaces. There is a tendency for the wood to sand "woolly". Nail holding properties are good with little danger of splitting. It is moderately easy to glue.

Aspen is largely used for pulp and panel products such as waferboard. It is increasingly being used in the manufacture of oriented strandboard and other forms of particleboard. The lumber is used for furniture, interior trim, pallets and boxes and crates.

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